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How to Setup Fish Tank for African Cichlids

This article wrote by Ricky Lam

Keep African Cichlids can be really enjoyable, as you will see lots of color variation of fishes swim around in your fish tank. As the owner to keep African Cichlids healthy life and even spawn, you must learn how to simulate the conditions of the African Rift Lakes.

African Cichlids Water Condition

African Cichlids are required to live in high PH and hard water. The native waters of the African Cichlids are also very hard, containing many dissolved minerals and salts.

Recommend PH: 7.5-9

Water Hardness: 10-20 dH

Temperature: 25-28°C

The Aquarium Fish Tank for African Cichlids

African Cichlids can housing in a species tank, but they required individual territories space. Therefore, Cichlids ideally to keep in a large fish tank. The basic requirement should be 48 inches tank for 8 African Cichlids, but you should setup a fish tank as large as you can afford.

The Decoration for African Cichlids

The Decoration for African Cichlids fish tank should keep up the water PH and hardness.
Mostly, Cichlids owners use coral and shells as supplements to increase the water PH and hardness.
Basic setup decoration should use sand for bottom substrate. Fish tank use rock ideally for African Cichlids.

african cichlids tank

The Lighting

The last important requirement for a Cichlid tank is adequate lighting. There are two routes available here — to inhibit the growth of algae, or to promote it. In my opinion, you should promote algae growth. Not only is it essential for species like the ‘Mbunas’, but most African Cichlids enjoy scraping the algae off the rocks, or picking around in the algae, as algae growth is one of their natural sources of nutrition in their native Lakes. Over time infusoria will become established in the algae, providing further tiny tit-bits to feast on. The rocks in both Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika are covered with thick mats of algae called ‘Aufwuchs’ and most cichlids within these Lakes pick and scrape at this mat for the sake of ingesting the algae, as well organisms like paramecium, copepods, rotifers and crustaceans living within. The only way to promote algal growth is via bright lighting!


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