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Complete Guide to Aquascaping Layout Style Understand Planted Fish Tank

Fish Aquarium with aquascaping layout design can be bringing a lot more beautiful decoration in your fish tank. Usually, aqua-scaping fish tanks are defined in 2 types of aquarium, hardscape planted tank, and nature aquarium planted tank. Hardscape is focusing more on the layout by using stone and wood as the main layout element, it has a little or even no plants attach to it. In other words, nature aquarium planted tanks define as a simulation of the nature of the world rainforest, mountain, river, or even lake.

If you want to start a nice planted tank layout in your fish tank. You must first understand the basic principle of layout design of aquarium. Check out the graph below for as it describe each of the aquascaping styles.

Infographic Source :

Which aquascaping style do you like the most? πŸ™‚


  1. Thanks for reply will like to start a planted aquarium soon .
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